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The purpose of the apple scratter is to grind up the apples, and smash up the cell structure to help extract the juice you are not trying to make baby food the required consistency is more like grated apple, rather than something you've put through the blender.Building an Apple Grinder. Having several years earlier experimented with Pressing fruits without grinding, I knew that grinding the apples before pressing is an important part of extracting the juice. My parents have been making their own apple cider for the past five years or so, first using equipment borrowed from a neighbor. homemade apple scratter 2

Build an Apple Scratter Fall in New England conjures up images of brilliant orange and red foliage, arts and crafts fairs, and anticipation of the first frost. While most homebrewers are starting to

However if you find that constructing a scratter is beyond your capabilities or you do not have the time to do it then here is a ready made fruit pulper. Use an electric drill to spin the blade and cut through the apples. The juice and the apple pulp are cleanly contained in the bucket. Click on Fastforward another year, and the apple trees were again growing huge amounts of fruit. This time we were going to make some proper juice! Well, a cider press is all good and well, but it will not press much juice out of whole apples.homemade apple scratter 2 So those that dont know a lot about cider making wont know that a scratter is a device that pulps apples its essentially a high speed blade or chopper that cuts up apples

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Fruit press, apple press, cider press Pressfruit. co. uk. Search. Primary Menu Skip to content. Home Apple crushers Grape crushers Scratter or Grater. Scratter or Grater Has been really useful for helping to turn our apple crop into lovely scrumpy. Were looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it over the years its homemade apple scratter 2 Making a fruit scratter is a little more tricky if you don't have your own lathe, but it is still not hard. A cider press is useless without a scratter to smash up the fruit so you will need one. You can buy fruit pulpers and apple scratters, but why bother? Oct 10, 2012 Details of my homemade apple scratter (grinder) and video of it working on a very rainy day in October. Building an apple grinder. Based on the experience with my previous apple grinder, I already knew this one would work. Because I wanted to make a detailed set of plans available for this one, I carefully designed the whole thing in CAD before I cut any wood. I printed out a 1: 1 side view of the apple grinder using my BigPrint program. Jan 28, 2018 homemade apple press and scratter in action Post by lord groan Sun Sep 13, 2015 6: 09 pm After 18 months I've got my home made press finished, my lovely daughter got the sewing machine out and converted a net curtain to an apple pulp bag (she also made me a dry hopping bag from the remainder of the curtain for my ag brews).

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